Julian Pryce

Aspiring Film Maker / Software Engineer

Studying for a BA in Film (Directing) & BS in ACS Software Engineering @ George Mason University

Production Gallery

Ms. Understanding

Directory of Photography

We picked Atlas Orion anamorphic primes for a more modern look and blue flares to further the vision for a futuristic feeling short film. This short was my largest project as a D.P. so far, I also worked as a VFX compositor and artist.

Feel Something Music Video

2nd AC

Me working as a 2nd AC on a music video directed by Matthew Baltar.

French Onion Soup


Photograph of camera from when I worked as an AC for a James Bah short film.

FAVS 255

In Fall 2022, I took FAVS 255 with Justin Plakas @ GMU. In groups of four, we made these two short films which I directed:

Both shorts were shot on Blackmagic 4K & 6K cinema cameras and primarily, the Sigma Arts 18-35mm F/1.8 Lens.

During production of both films, I got more exposed to film editing, sound mixing, ADR, and foley. Particularly, in They Watch, it was the first time I attempted to create a cinematic experience with sound.

Here are the screenplays for both of those stories:

They Watch - 5th Draft.pdf
Focuzed Revision 1.pdf

Music Videos

I love music videos because of how much you can do with them, some choose to create a story that goes with the music, others focus on visuals of the musical performance.

My first attempt at making a music video. Shot in two days in Richmond and Williamsburg, VA. Has yet to be fully color graded.

Software Engineering

Donate Bot

Donate Bot was the first donation platform for Discord, which I sold to Medal in 2019. It went on to produce over sixteen million USD in revenue for its users.


In 2021, I began working on a new university life app, XPLOR, which is set to release in the fall of 2023, beginning exclusively at George Mason University.

My Class Rewards

My senior year of high school @ Warhill HS in Williamsburg, Virginia, I built a competitor to pricy online class rewards systems which encourge positive behavior along with Zakeri Reckmeyer. It went on to win the Congressional App Challenge in the 2nd District of Virginia.

Work with me!

If you are interested in working with me on a film project, I am excited to offer support with: camera, producing, editing, and visual effects.

Reach me at juliancurtiszilius (at) gmail (dot) com